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I am so excited that you’re interested in sharing the power of plants to help people get clearer, healthier skin–and the self confidence and improved wellbeing that comes with it. I’ve personally overcome more than half a lifetime’s worth of struggles with acne by listening to the call of the plants, and lovingly crafting my skincare regimen with their wisdom; and I know how significantly they helped me, inside and out.

This is why I felt called to create the Herbal Skincare Summit–so that others can connect (or reconnect) with herbs to heal their own skin and improve their lives.

The Herbal Skincare Summit runs from January 8-12 (immediately followed by an encore weekend). Our all-star speaker panel features 15 wise women and men, who will share their expertise, inspiration, and practical tips about the power of plants for healthy, radiant skin. It will be a celebration of our herbal lineage and an opportunity to share our passions and knowledge – with a bit of old-fashioned storytelling thrown in to inspire attendees.


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The Herbal Skincare Summit is a virtual video event that will offer attendees:

  • Practical information on plant-based boutique skincare and running an herbal skincare business
  • Wisdom of herbal medicine, nutrition of plants, and celebrating of beauty through plant-based skincare
  • Your inspirational stories of ancient beauty rituals, herb lore, and plant discovery
  • Special herbal skincare bonuses from our speakers and sponsors

And more!

The Herbal Skincare Summit features a speaker panel of renowned herbalists, skincare practitioners, naturopathic and integrative doctors, and acupuncturists including Dr. Trevor Cates, Dr. Aviva Romm, Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, Maia Toll, Rosalee De La Foret, Katie Hess, Dr. Heather Paulson, Sarica Cernohous, Kevin Gianni, and more.

The skin is our largest organ, and caring for it is already something most people do every day. This summit is a great way to inspire your audience to add beauty, health, and self-care into their daily routine in a way that’s safe and fun, and can open doors to additional healthy lifestyle changes.

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The promotional period is from December 1st through January 14 (when the encore weekend concludes).

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I hope you can join me to share this inspiring, powerful, and FUN event with your audience!

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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